How to protect your self and your child’s from COVID-19


ABC Diagnostic and Learning Center was established in 2012 in order to serve our precious children and students who suffer from learning difficulties. It aims at providing a complete educational program which meets the different needs of each student.

Since ABC Center was established, we seek to provide two kinds of services. These services include:

  • Joint educational services where the students can benefit from the programs while they're at their school ,which can be done by screening, assessment, observation, and collaboration with schools.
  • Educational services and special activities at the center by offering a variety of programs.


We always strive to collaborate with local and global institutions which are experienced in the fields we offer. Therefore, an agreement has been signed in 2014 with New England Center for Children for many reasons. Firstly, to benefit from their supervision on all of our children who are enrolled in the ABA program. Secondly, to train our educational staff. Lastly, to implement ACE curriculum for ABA.

In 2013, an agreement has been signed with LearningRx inc. that is based in the United States. We have been licensed to implement BrainRx program. This program targets and strengthens the cognitive skills.

We continuously endeavor to look for what our much loved children could benefit from, and what could enhance the level of the services we provide.